View Full Version : Boreal Bay - Fishing Report - 7/11

Kevin Nelson
07-11-2011, 11:46 PM
Warm and humid to nice cool weather with a few showers has been our weather recently. Kakagi (Crow) Lake frequently seeing low 70 degree temperatures.

Beach is seeing more and more action... teenagers, younger children and even a few adults taking a refreshing plunge. The peddle boat and canoe seeing a bit more action recently :-)

Muskie fishing on Kakagi is heating up for the coming full moon. A few big 45" Muskies have been caught and several smaller. Red is the hot color on Kakagi for most. LOTW Muskies were in a bit of a lull, but they will pick up soon. Low light and overcast seemed to be the biggest triggers to get the Muskies going.

Lake Trout... noon bite has been best, but some passing fronts may change it. Jigging and trolling both working. Baitfish still not well established in the deeper holes, so the bite is likely to improve when the baitfish settle in for summer time.

Bass... Jessie was good for a 4.5 smallie and a morning of 100 bass. Some success reported from other lakes, but seems to be periods of slow and/or small fish biting.

Walleye... Cedartree was good to some, having troubles finding Walleye small enough to keep, but nothing huge. Like most everything else, some tough fishing periods on some of the days and when meal time arrives they bite like crazy.

Northern Pike... Some success on Kakagi for chunky Northern Pike. Whitefish was best for fast action and a periodic mid 30" Pike. Spoons, spinners, swimbaits, muskie lures and live bait all working for the Northern Pike.

Not a bad fishing week. Tough bite periods encountered by all, but everyone also encountered some periods of fish being on a good feed. Guess we would call it.. normal.