View Full Version : Water Temps

Scott Biscobing
04-25-2010, 09:06 AM
Just thought I would put out a quick post and update you on the water temps in the area. I went out yesterday before the rain and did some looking around. I saw several muskies cruising the shallows and a couple looked pretty beat up. I did not see any crappies shallow but I have heard of some being caught. I would look to the weed edges just outside of the spawning bays. The water temps on the lake I was on were 53.5 degrees. You will see that that will be pretty typical plus or minus a degree or two on most of the lakes in the Rhinelander area. For the opener next weekend I would expect thte walleyes to be on the move and feeding. The spawn is long over with so they will be searching out food. I would look for new weed growth and start there. I am going to be up shallow in the weeds to start my day next weekend. I think it may be one of the best scenerio openers that we have had in a while.

Good luck and good fishing,