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Scott Biscobing
01-18-2010, 10:34 PM
This was sent to me by a friend who lives on Lake Michigan. Take a look it, it is a scary possibility. DO we want Asian Carp in the Great Lakes System? I do not and we need to do what we can to fight this. CHeck out the website and video. Please read and respond:

Our Great Lakes-based economy and environment, particularly in tourism,

is at risk due to the hyper-aggressive invasive species known as Asian

carp because they could decimate fisheries in the Great Lakes, ruining

fishing and all types of water recreation.

This is particularly true of the Silver carp, which weigh up to 60

pounds and leap through the air in huge numbers as boats pass by,

potentially causing severe physical harm to boaters. Anyone who has

watched videos of what happened to Illinois waters knows exactly what I

am talking about. (See video at www.stopasiancarp.com)

The situation is urgent because Asian carp have been detected just miles

away from entering Lake Michigan at Chicago. To slam the door shut on

them before they can ruin our economy, Attorney General Mike Cox is

fighting Illinois and the federal government in the U.S. Supreme Court

to force the closure of locks in Chicago waterways infested with Asian

carp. Despite the support of New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin and

Ontario, and the clear evidence of an impending crisis, federal and

state authorities in charge of the locks refuse to close them and are

fighting us in court.

While we don't know what the outcome of the suit will be, we can

mobilize folks in order to send a message to the federal and local

authorities in charge that they must act now to protect Michigan and the

other Great Lakes states.

It's not right that Illinois accounts for only 63 of the 10,000 miles of

Great Lakes shoreline, yet they hold the fate of the entire Great Lakes

basin in their hands.

Attorney General Cox has created a website, www.stopasiancarp.com (http://www.stopasiancarp.com), for

citizens to sign an online petition which will be used to show Illinois

and President Obama that they must look at the needs of the entire Great

Lakes basin, not just the narrow interests of Illinois.

Would you be able to e-mail this information to your membership and

include it on your website?

Please let me know.

Thank you,

John Sellek


Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox