View Full Version : Boreal Bay - Deer Camp - Nov 1st

Kevin Nelson
11-02-2009, 06:52 PM
Deer camp has been fun with plenty of good deer stories and lots of laughs.

A few bucks are coming in, certainly not as easy as years past. A couple 10 point bucks along with an 8 and 6 point. The 6 point buck weighed in at 160 pounds and should have been an 8 - (4 points on the side visible when the hunter took the shot). The Rut has not started yet, some very cold days coming up - so the rut should be starting soon. Most groups will be here for another week and have been passing on 7 and 8 point bucks almost daily.

Best so far was this nice 10 pointer weighed in at just under 210 - note the lucky hat :)

Kakagi (Crow) Lake is showing lake temperatures in the mid 40's. The few groups thinking about doing a little fishing have stayed in mostly due to the weather - cold rains, snow or winds most every day recently.