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  1. Pure Fishing tournament on Spirit Lake
  2. Ice fishing rigs come in all types.
  3. Ice Fishing pop ups to trailers.
  4. Clear lake iowa is an ice fishing hotspot for Walleye
  5. Brushy Creek Ice Fishing Video Report and Fishing locations.
  6. Try this Ice Fishing Rig to catch more fish.
  7. Pilke by itself or on a slip bobber is a good panfish lure. Have your tried it?
  8. Trout being released for fall and winter fishing.
  9. Walleye Egg Stripping at Iowa DNR Hatchery.
  10. Walleye Egg Tagging at Iowa DNR Hatchery.
  11. Ice Fishing West Okoboji lake on Emerson Bay
  12. Rod Woten - guide talks on sight fishing
  13. Team Extreme Tournament at West Okoboji
  14. Big Fish weigh in at Team Extreme Tourney
  15. Yellow Bass Bonanza at Clear lake, Iowa winners
  16. Surf Ballroom dinner Yellow Bass Bonanza at Clear lake, Iowa
  17. Kevan Paul, Clear Lake Iowa fishing guide gives ice fishing tips.
  18. Scott Reed, Berkley pro with ice fishing tips.
  19. Recycled Fish is a great organization.
  20. New ice fishing jigs and spinners
  21. Tip of the month for January 2015